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A Patch of Trouble

Issued by Canadian Association of Journalists · May 2004

One of Canada’s top investigative journalism awards, the CAJ award for presented for Best Documentary on a conflict between Aboriginal communities and competing contractors in northern Alberta’s oil patch. The documentary aired on CBC’s The National and CBC Edmonton.

The Gospel According to John

Issued by AMPIA · April 2003

Best Documentary under 30 minutes for a story about John de Ruiter, a controversial spiritual leader whose following includes people from around the world who believe that the former Edmonton shoemaker is the self-proclaimed “embodiment of truth.” The documentary was featured on CBC’s The National with Peter Mansbridge and CBC Edmonton.

Sister’s Secrets

‘The Chris’ Issued by Columbus International Film Festival · October 2003

“The Chris” is the top award presented to work submitted from around the world. Producer Michael Jorgensen and I won “The Chris” for Sisters’ Secrets, a story of three Indigenous sisters who were taken from their family and placed in foster care where they experienced sexual, emotional and physical abuse. They buried the secret, speaking of it for the first time more than 30 years later in our interviews.